Top Flirty Texts to Drive a Guy Wild! [with Real Examples]

Sending a guy flirty texts is a great way to tell him how you feel. When it comes to sending flirty texts, there is no such thing as a one-text-fits-all approach. If you zip off a flirty text without much thought, you can give the wrong impression.

If you want to know the best flirty texts to send a guy, assess your reason, the situation prompting your text, and the nature of your relationship with him. Try these texts, and your guy will know you’ve got game.

The Case for Sending Flirty Texts to a Guy

You might not think your guy will be into flirty texts, but that notion couldn’t be further from the truth! Whether he’s a crush, a serious boyfriend, or your cherished husband, he’ll not only be okay with your flirty text; he’ll want more! In fact, texting as a means of flirting is often better if you feel nervous flirting on the spot. It’s also an excellent way to gather your thoughts and develop something that fits him and the situation.

What It Takes to Send Flirty Texts to a Guy

Flirting is a crucial ingredient in romance. It’s that bridge that links platonic conversation and erotic teasing. First, what is your relationship with this guy? If you just got his number the day before, sexting him would be a bad idea. The better you know him, the more likely you’ll send a flirty text to which he’ll respond positively.

What’s the intent behind your flirty text? Do you want to make him laugh? Do you want to add spice to your marriage? Regardless of your intent, your text should make him feel good about himself and being with you.

Adorable Flirty Texts for Your Husband

Any relationship, especially a marriage, is never too old for the occasional flirty text. Whether he’s at work or hanging with his friends, it’s not very romantic for him to get a text from you about the awful day you’re having. Leave those thoughts for when he can give you much-needed support in person.

Don’t stop at just one flirty text. Have a few ready to send throughout the day. It’s a great way to keep the connection going and get him revved up for whatever happens later. When he gets home, don’t let the flirting stop!

  • Love you and miss you. Can’t wait till you get home.
  • Have I told you lately that I love your new haircut?
  • Miss you. See you soon, sweetie!
  • Guess what? Kids are staying at my parents’ tonight!

We have a whole article about flirty texts for husbands if you need more ideas….

Sweet Flirty Texts for Your Boyfriend

Flirty texting is a significant component of a budding relationship. Maintaining a fun and fulfilling relationship means connecting with your guy. Flirting texting helps accomplish this. Try some flirty texts that make statements rather than ask questions:

  • I’m at my house, and I have all of your favorites: Lasagna, Beer, and Me.
  • You’re always in my head; don’t ever leave.
  • I’m listening to our favorite love song right now.
  • Your updated profile picture really turns me on!
  • Raaawwwrrrr! That’s Cougar for, “Bring that body here now!”
  • Hello. Please respond back with the best time to tell you how cute you are. Thanks.

Flirty Texts to Hook a Guy You Just Met

That guy you just met has been on your mind all day. Maybe you should send a flirty text, so he doesn’t forget you. Flirty texting is a great way to show interest in a guy without feeling too awkward.

Make sure you keep a few things in mind. First, don’t start being flirty right off the bat. Send your guy a text that encourages a conversation. Once that happens, get a little bolder and start flirting. If he flirts back, consider asking him out. Also, only send one or two texts, and then back off until he responds. If he doesn’t answer back, then he might not be interested.

  • I really enjoyed our conversation last night. Want to pick up where we left off?
  • That band we heard last night was great. Do you know when they’re playing next?
  • There’s a new action movie playing downtown next weekend. Want to go with me?
  • It was great talking to you the other night. Want to get together for coffee sometime?

How to Send a Flirty Text to a Guy You Like

If you really like a guy, perhaps a flirty text is the best way to let him know. Revealing your true feelings can be scary, but the shield of a text can help you get those feelings out. If a flirty text enables you to get to the point, all the better because most guys would prefer that than your beating around the bush.

  • If you come by my apartment this next time, I might not let you leave!
  • Hey! Just thought you should know that I really like you.
  • You’re on my mind all the time. I hope you feel the same about me.
  • I don’t just see you as a friend. To me, you feel like much more.

Is Your Crush Already a Friend? Send Him a Flirty Text!

It’s not just guys who lament being stuck in the “friend zone.” What if your crush is already a good friend of yours? You don’t want to ruin your friendship, but you also need to let him know how you feel.

Sending a flirty text right away might lead to misunderstandings because you’re not in person to show your facial expressions or body language. Instead, send texts that help create a common bond between you two. Show interest in the things he likes, or text him in ways that show your appreciation:

  • I just scored that new album we talked about the other night. Want to come over and listen to it with me?
  • Enjoying some cherry chocolate-chip ice cream. Isn’t that your favorite? [insert smiley emoji]
  • Wasn’t that lecture last period boring?
  • Hey John, you should try this new pizza place with me. I know you’d love it.

If you’ve established a regular texting routine, try a flirty text. Make sure it’s low-key at first. If he doesn’t respond in a flirty way, you should probably back off and try again later or reconsider your approach. Don’t get too dirty, and getting clingy won’t be a good look for you, either.

  • Can you please just stop making me think about you all day? I’ve got stuff to do.
  • Would it be weird if I wanted to kiss you?
  • Still thinking about you right before I fall asleep.
  • I can’t sleep, and it’s all your fault!

Flirty Text Messages That Are Sweet as Pie

Do you want your next text to make him go, “Aaawwww”? A sweet, flirty text lets him know how special and loved he is. Keep the good vibes going with flirty texts that make him feel like he’s the guy of your dreams.

  • Can’t wait to see you. Tonight can’t come quickly enough!
  • There you go brightening up my day again!
  • I feel like making your favorite meal tonight.
  • My life is so much better with you in it.
  • With a man like you, I’m the luckiest woman in the world.
  • You’re such a blessing. I love you.

Send Him Some Good-morning Flirty Texts

Plant a smile on his face first thing in the morning. Your guy will feel great knowing he was the first thing on your mind. Your flirty text can be long or short, as long as it contains a meaningful message that your guy will appreciate all day.

  • Good morning, baby.
  • Just know I’ll be thinking of you all day.
  • Hey, lover. Have a great day.
  • Love you. Hope this message puts a smile on your face.
  • Good morning to the best guy ever!
  • I’m all hot and bothered because of this dream I had of you last night . . .

Super Flirty Texts to Take Things to the Next Level

Do you want to kick things up a notch? A few flirty texts can be the shot in the arm your guy needs to know how much he means to you. Try a super flirty text to take your relationship from “Aaawwww” to “Wow!”

  • My first move was texting. Your first move needs to be a kiss.
  • Have we not gone out to dinner yet? That’s gotta change!
  • I bet you think it’s sexy when the woman makes the first move, huh?
  • I would wait until tomorrow to ask you out, but I guess I got impatient.
  • I would love it if you asked me out on a date.
  • You like me in text? It’s about time you like me in person!

Flirty Texts that Guarantee to Make Him Want You

Delayed gratification can spice up a romantic relationship. If your guy is like most guys, he enjoys being turned on. Send him some flirty texts to tease him and leave him quivering with anticipation. Try a few of these flirty texts to turn him on and get him thinking about you all day.

  • I had a really steamy dream about you last night, but I prefer real life.
  • I love the new dress I bought, but it would just look better on your bedroom floor.
  • Hope you’re in recovery after what we did last night.
  • I want you now, but I can wait until tonight.
  • I woke up with you on my mind. Too bad you weren’t in my bed.
  • Right now, I’m wearing that teddy you bought me.
  • For our date tonight, how about I skip the panties?

Bring on the Romance with these Flirty Messages

Flirty texts, along with hugs and kisses, are a great way to rekindle the romance. Your goal here is to melt his heart and let him know he holds a special place in yours. Get into the habit of sending a romantic text each day, especially if you’ll be apart for a few days. These messages can be a little longer than other kinds of flirty texts, even more poetic if you want.

  • Yours until the ocean wears hear pins to keep its waves in place.
  • I’ve never told you this, but I love it when you touch my face when we kiss. It makes me feel so loved and connected to you. I could stay wrapped in your arms forever.
  • I get such a thrill each time I see you. I try so hard to burn the image in my mind when we’re apart. I am complete when I’m with you, which isn’t often enough.
  • You make my heart skip a beat. I get butterflies when I get your calls and texts. You bring joy and excitement to my life, and I’m grateful for it.
  • I can’t remember a time I wasn’t in love with you. Your love makes me strong and happy. I love being in love with you.
  • You’re not here right now, so I’m imaging laying my head on your shoulder, with you gently stroking my cheek and telling me you love me.

Funny Flirty Texts to Get Him Laughing

Laughter is the best medicine, and it’s healthy for a relationship. A worthy guy appreciates a gal with a sense of humor. Are you witty or silly? It really doesn’t matter. A funny flirty text will get a chuckle out of him.

  • I wanted to send you something that would make you smile, but I couldn’t fit into the shipping crate.
  • I love you as much as I love waffles.
  • I want us to have a romantic dinner and for you to say those magical words: “Dinner’s on me.”
  • I wish I could love you forever, but neither of us is immortal.
  • “You can call me ‘sweetie,’ ‘cutie,’ or ‘honey.” But you gotta call me tonight!”
  • Slow down! You’ve been running through my mind.

Say Hello with a Flirty Text

Sometimes you just want to text to say hi. Make it flirty, and he’ll be smiling and thinking of you all day. Just make sure your text doesn’t just say, “Hi.” Add something fun and engaging so your messages stand out, and it never hurts to be cute. He’ll look forward to each of your flirty “hi” texts.

  • Instead of “hi,” just send a selfie or video with you blowing a kiss.
  • Insert an emoji and text something like, “Hi there, cutie pie!”
  • Say something cute: “Hi there. What’s shaking besides your cute butt?”
  • Hi! You were in my dream last night.

Flirty ‘Thinking of You’ Texts That Will Stay on His Mind

Few things feel better than knowing you’re on someone’s mind. Your guy is no different. Sending him a flirty thinking-of-you text will leave him smiling the whole day. Women aren’t the only ones who want to be the center of someone else’s attention. It’ll show him that he means the world to you. It might even get you some romantic attention later in the day!

  • I read a funny news story, and it made me think of you.
  • Just remembering how much I love you.
  • You’re the best boyfriend I’ve ever had. Just wanted you to know.
  • Do you know how wonderful you are? Thought you needed a reminder.
  • I miss checking out your butt. I’ll have to go on my memory.

Flirty Texts to Send Him at Work

Your man is busy at his job. You don’t want to bother him by calling. Why not send a sweet text to make him smile at work? Just make sure it’s safe for work; you don’t want a too-sexy message out in the open if he happens to leave his phone lying around.

  • I know you’re busy with work. I thought you could use a kiss [insert kiss emoji]
  • Good luck with your presentation today. I love you.
  • How about a nice shoulder rub—and maybe more—when you get home from work?
  • Hi, babe. Hope you have a good day at work. I’ll be loving you in the meantime.
  • Work hard, play hard. When you get home, how about we take care of that second part?

Cheeky and Flirty Texts That Are Simply Sassy

If your motto is to go bold or go home, then you might be in the mood to send a cheeky, flirty text. This kind of message is useful when your text exchanges with your guy have gotten boring, or if he’s been ignoring your texts lately. If you’re feeling saucy or daring and want to regain his attention, try pushing the envelope with some of these sassy goodies:

  • I got a juicy surprise for you later that will make your jaw drop.
  • Been thinking about you . . . and it hasn’t been completely PG.
  • I was at the store today, and this guy flirted with me. Can’t decide if he was better at it than you.
  • This guy was checking me out today. But I’m sure you’re not tired of checking me out, right?

Flaunt Your Brain Cells with these Smart Flirty Texts

Most guys like a smart gal. Show him how interesting and engaging you are with an intelligent, flirty text. Maybe start a friendly debate and show him you can give banter as well as you can take it. You can even use texts to compliment his brainpower. Great minds think alike, right?

  • Star Trek or Star Wars . . . Which is superior? Go.
  • I was impressed by your comment in the seminar. You made a great point and I thought it was sexy.
  • Why yes, I’m single. Just thought I’d save you the trouble of asking.
  • Want to see a dirty pic? Here it is . . . [insert photo of dirty dish]

Happy texting!

Flirting is the art of letting a guy know how you feel. Sending a flirty text is a great way to give your guy that romantic nudge without being too bold. Whether he’s your husband, long-time boyfriend, or new crush, a flirty text will drive him wild.

Some of these texts might not be for you. Just pick a few that suit your personality and give it a try. Taking a few minutes to send him a flirty text will pay big dividends.

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