How to Text a Capricorn Guy Without Freaking Him Out!!

How to text a Capricorn guy?

Attracting a Capricorn guy over text is simpler than you might think. He’s plain-spoken, ambitious, and traditional, and he much prefers straight talk to playing games. However, don’t mistakenly believe that this guy is cold and unfeeling. If you know how to text a Capricorn man, and you’ll soon see how passionate and devoted he … Read more

10 Things to Know about a Pisces Guy [BEFORE YOU TEXT THEM!]

How to text a pisces guy?

You’ve fallen for a Pisces guy. Lucky you! Pisceans are among the best lovers because they’re creative, emotional, and hopelessly romantic. Pisces guys are also intriguing, reflective, and complex. If you have your sights on a Pisces guy, you’ll need the right amount of emotional finesse, empathy, and timing to win him over through text. … Read more