30 Flirty Texts to Send to Your Husband

Busy lives, stressful work, and family obligations can sometimes get in the way of blissful married life. However, it’s not that hard to maintain a romantic spark if you do little things to make your husband feel special. Give him that feeling with a flirty text! He’ll be happy you’re thinking of him.

If you have trouble coming up with flirty texts to send to your husband, think about what you want the message to accomplish. Do you want to make him laugh, heat things up in the bedroom, or lift his spirits? Your text should make him feel good about himself and his relationship with you, no matter your intent. Try these 30 texts while he’s at work or when you’re sitting next to him on the couch.

Compliment Him

Who doesn’t like receiving a compliment? Whether it’s about his looks, intelligence, or accomplishments, he’ll appreciate knowing that you recognize his strengths. You don’t have to be a poet or wordsmith. Just text him some sincere praise now and then. For instance, did he pick up dinner on the way home yesterday so that you didn’t have to cook? Let him know how much his gesture meant to you.

1. I still can’t get over how great your new haircut looks.

2. Love yer butt! (funny or silly emoji)

3. You’re such a hard worker. I really appreciate and love you for it.

4. I still remember how handsome you were on our wedding day. Some things never change.

5. Thanks for making that pasta carbonara last night. It was delish! (yummy emoji)

Show Him Support When He Needs It

Your hubby might present a strong front most of the time, but he still needs you to lean on when he’s not at his best. Express your love by texting him a supportive and encouraging text, especially when he’s stressed, overworked, or has an important work milestone coming up. Think of it as a hint of the kind of support you’ll give him in person.

6. I know this week’s been tough for you. You know you can lean on me.

7. I’ve always believed in you, and more so now.

8. I know the kids were a handful today. Thanks for being a great father to them.

Plan a Date Night

Full-time jobs, kids, and other obligations make it easy to push date nights to the back burner. However, time alone with your husband maintains your marriage and keeps your relationship healthy. Send him date reminders or use texting as a way to plan a dinner or evening in bed together.

9. Surprise! The kids are staying at my folks’ tonight.

10. I miss spending the day with you. How about we both call in sick tomorrow?

11. I just booked Mita’s for tonight. I’m so looking forward to sharing a bottle of wine with you.

Make Him Look Forward to Coming Home

Home life has many challenges, like fussy kids, clutter, or an argument you had that morning. Even when things are going well, it can be difficult for your hubby to come home after a long workday. It doesn’t take a lot to make him look forward to seeing you. Send him a text that’ll make him count down the minutes before quitting time.

12. Guess what I’m making for dinner tonight. (pic with hints of his favorite dish)

13. Your uniform looks good on you. It would look even better on our bedroom floor.

14. Text me when you’re leaving work so I can start the bubble bath. 😉

15. The kids and I can’t wait until you get home. We appreciate all your hard work. (kissing emoji)

Keep the Romance Alive

There’s no excuse for letting romance fizzle in a marriage. Showing affection doesn’t always require grand gestures. Cute, flirty texts go a long way to keep the love alive. Send him a message that’ll melt his heart and make him miss you. Your text can give him a hint of what he’ll get the next time he sees you.

16. Loving you is such a privilege. Being loved by you is such a joy.

17. It’s great being married to my best friend.

18. I love you because you’ve never stopped trying to win me over.

19. You make every day feel like Valentine’s day. I love you.

Spice Things Up

No matter how long you’ve been together, your husband is still thinking about getting intimate with you—a lot! Texting can be a powerful seduction tool, especially if you use it to send tantalizing messages while he’s at work, as long as it’s not on a work phone!

Here’s a word of warning: Leaving a graphic photo or racy message on your phone is a bad idea if you have curious children. Consider getting rid of the evidence, so you don’t have an awkward or embarrassing situation later on.

20. Can’t get last night out of my mind. When can we have a repeat performance?

21. What would you say if I went commando on our date?

22. I think the kids need to go to bed early tonight. 😉

23. I hate that we fought this morning. I think make-up sex is the only remedy.

Make Him Laugh

Making your husband laugh can sometimes be the biggest turn-on for him. What makes him chuckle out loud? Witty jokes? Puns? Funny memes? Make it a habit of texting him something amusing, and he’ll always look forward to your texts.

24. Our planet has almost 8 billion people. How did you end up with this one?!! (silly selfie)

25. You mean more to me than The Cheesecake Factory, and you know that’s saying a lot!

26. I think we’re overdue for a party in the bedroom tonight. (hat and streamers emojis)

Let Him Know You Miss Him

Absence—with sweet, flirty texts—makes the heart grow fonder. Whether your man is away for a day or the whole week, being apart makes it more important to express your feelings over text. Get creative and find different ways to tell your husband how much you miss him.

27. Miss you like crazy. Counting the days until you’re back. Love you!

28. See you at the airport, sweetie. Miss you!

29. Since you’re not here, I’ll just have to imagine laying my head on your chest and you stroking my hair.

30. I need a hug right now. I miss your strong arms around me.

Don’t Forget the Pics, Emojis, and GIFs

When you can’t seem to think of the right words, a pic or emoji might be enough. Depending on your husband’s mood, a sexy pic might be the perfect way to make your husband feel special and loved. At least, it could take him by surprise. To get him thinking, send a pic of something that hints at what he can look forward to when he gets home.

Be careful what you text, especially if he’s at work. If he uses a work phone to communicate with you, it’s best to keep your texts and pics clean. You don’t want to get him in hot water if someone else sees your messages.

Happy Texting!

Who says flirting has to end after marriage? On the contrary, flirting is an essential part of any healthy relationship. Put a modern spin on the romance by sending flirty texts to your hubby. Have fun, be creative, and make sure each text shows how much you care about him.

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