Best ways to compliment a guy over text [+examples]

Great compliments are ornaments that you hang on your wall and return to every time you feel a positive emotion. –Matthew Hussey

It feels great to receive a sincere, heartfelt compliment. Men like getting compliments as much as women, even if they’re too shy to admit it. Because texting has become a staple for most dating relationships, you can use this medium to compliment your guy, strengthening the bond you share. Look no further to learn how to compliment a guy over text. This article will give you examples to fit many different contexts.

Here are a few things to keep in mind. First, be yourself. Don’t try to take on another persona just to make your guy feel good. Second, keep it simple. He doesn’t want to have to read a complicated compliment that he has to sift through to understand. Just get to the point. Next, check your spelling and grammar. Don’t assume your guy will think it’s cute if you spell “your” as UR” or use tons of shorthand. Finally, be sincere. Say what you mean and mean what you say. Otherwise, it just comes across as flattery.

Best ways to compliment a guy over text about….

Clothes or Looks

There’s nothing wrong with saying something nice about your guy’s looks or general appearance. Most gals certainly appreciate such compliments. Try to tailor your text to something distinguishing or what is unique about him; it’ll be more sincere. For example, “I love the color of your hair,” is a lot more meaningful than, “You’re cute.” Your guy might appreciate a clothing compliment as well. He’ll feel good if you let him know that you think he has good taste. Just make sure you don’t rely solely on appearance-based compliments when you communicate with him.

Hope this doesn’t make you feel awkward, but I enjoy staring at you.

It’s a good thing that you’re so cute. That’s why I keep you around. 😉

I get so lost in your eyes that I need a map.

You look so handsome when you laugh.

That blue shirt looks great on you. You should wear it more often.

Your taste in business suits is exquisite.


Besides your guy’s overall appearance, he’d also like to know you appreciate his body. Believe it or not, most guys are insecure about at least some aspect of their physique. Therefore, getting a body-related compliment will make your guy feel great about himself. Instead of just talking about a particular part of his body that you like, explain why you want it, or why it turns you on.

I love laying my head on your muscular chest.

Your butt looks great in jeans.

Wow… your workout routine is paying off!

I love it when you pull me into your sexy arms.

Don’t mean to seem shallow, but you’ve got a rockin’ body!

I can tell how hard you’ve been working on your six-pack. Sexy!

Personality or Character

Character counts, and complimenting your guy on his personality means a lot because it gets at his true self. Character refers to how he treats others, how he carries himself, and, most importantly, how he makes you feel. The great thing about personality compliments is that you get to refer to something about him that no one else might know. Here’s an idea for bonus points: If your guy is pleasant to the waitstaff—not just you—when you’re dining out, tell him you notice.

You’re so funny. You always make me laugh.

Everybody loves how entertaining you are. You should do stand-up.

I love the way you stay calm during stressful moments. I know I can count on you to weather any storm.

You’re the most caring man I know.

The way you check in with me every day makes me feel loved.

I saw how you talked to that rude sales clerk. It’s amazing how you could keep your cool like that and still get what you want.


We all like to think we have copious brain cells. If you genuinely believe your guy has some smarts, let him know you appreciate him for it. Avoid referring to his general intelligence. Because there are different types of smarts, focus on something specific. Is he a math genius or a brilliant wordsmith? Either way, let him know how much you love the way he uses his brain.

I’ve never met a man who could talk about structural equation modeling the way you do. That’s hot!

Your intelligence really turns me on.

Did you go get a psychology degree when I wasn’t looking? You really helped me last night when I was depressed. Thank you!

I had no idea how that would work, but you figured it out right away. You’re brilliant.

Your thoughtful opinion really helped me make the right decision. Thank you.

I couldn’t figure out how to fix that leak, but you did it quickly. Bravo!

A Recent Date You Had with Him

Did you have a great time when you last got together with your guy? Then let him know! It’ll stroke his ego a bit to see that he’s a fun date, and it’ll give him one of many reasons to take you out again.

I had fun last night. Thanks again for being so entertaining. Ha!

Thank you for making time for us.

When you walked with me into the restaurant, I felt like the most beautiful woman there.

I loved our date last night. There’s never a dull moment with you.

I admired the way you dealt with that awkward situation at dinner.

Time with you yesterday was the best part of my day.

Athletic Ability

If your guy plays a sport, whether it’s for a living or just recreation, he’ll love knowing you admire the way he plays the game. Your compliment will boost his confidence and motivate him to do even better. Just be sincere and don’t shower him with false or insincere praise.

That hole-in-one you shot was possibly the most beautiful thing I’ve ever seen on the green.

Wow! You really know how to ride your bike up those hills.

Congrats on winning the championship. You deserve MVP after that performance!

My speed has increased ever since I started running with you. You’re a great athletic role model.

Hey there, Shawn White. 😉 You’re a natural on that snowboard.

I loved watching you on the field. You are so strong.

Sexual Prowess

Speaking of athletic ability, how good is your guy in bed? If he’s a sexual dynamo, you need to let him know! There’s nothing like a sexual compliment to keep that spark going in a relationship. A quality guy wants to know that he pleases you. Again, specificity is critical. Let him know what he does and how it makes you feel.

When you do [that thing], it makes my skin tingle.

Last night will go in the history books. 😉

You know exactly what to do to turn me on.

Last night was amazing. When is round 2?

Your kisses are lovely.

Loved that position you suggested last night. I’m sold!

You make my toes curl.

Achievements and Efforts

We all like to be recognized for our efforts and accomplishments. Just like personality or character, achievement is another intangible quality that your guy might be proud of. Your relationship will benefit if you acknowledge this aspect of him. Tell him that he has your complete support and that you believe in him. Also, compliment him on the effort he makes in your relationship and all that he does for you.

I’m amazed at what a math wizard you are!

That was an excellent speech. I’m proud to be your girlfriend.

Your hard work has paid off. You are the epitome of perseverance.

I know that whatever you set your mind to, you can achieve it.

Thank you for the delicious dinner you cooked last night. You have quite the culinary knack.

How is it that you can fix practically anything?

I really admire that you were willing and able to have that tough conversation with me. I love you for that.

Compliment Away…

Compliments play an essential part in dating and relationships. Compliments through text can be a powerful tool to make a connection and maintain the relational sparks. The beauty of compliments is that they tend to be reciprocal; say something sweet to your guy, and he’ll respond in kind.

Figure out what you appreciate most about your guy and look for opportunities to text him compliments. Remember to be yourself and to be sincere. Also, don’t wait for a special occasion to text him. Sometimes, praise that comes at the most ordinary time can be the sweetest.

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