10 Things to Know about a Pisces Guy [BEFORE YOU TEXT THEM!]

You’ve fallen for a Pisces guy. Lucky you! Pisceans are among the best lovers because they’re creative, emotional, and hopelessly romantic. Pisces guys are also intriguing, reflective, and complex. If you have your sights on a Pisces guy, you’ll need the right amount of emotional finesse, empathy, and timing to win him over through text.

The Pisces Guy

Pisces was born under Neptune, and Jupiter is his second ruling planet. The god Neptune is an expert at illusions, which explains why your guy can be dreamy and idealistic. It’s easy for him to get emotional or swept up in the romance, making him both exciting and fragile.

Pisces also tends to be shy, which is why any text you send should put him at ease. The Pisces guy tends to be a deep thinker, so you don’t want to text him something that can send him into a downward analysis spiral. If he goes silent and doesn’t reply to your texts, don’t take it personally, but consider if he might have misinterpreted something you last texted.

Knowing how to text a Pisces guy requires an understanding of his emotional tendencies and his inclinations toward deep thinking. Try these tactics to put him at ease and warm his heart.

1. Be the First to Text

Remember that a Pisces guy tends to be reserved. Even if he’s thinking about making the first move, he might spend more time contemplating it than carrying it out. Take the pressure off and text him first. He’ll be secretly relieved and see you as different from other girls.

Enjoyed that band we heard last night. Do you know anything about them?

Our conversation yesterday was the most intriguing I’ve had in a while. Thanks for the thought-provoking exchange.

Thanks for buying me that drink last night. I had a great time.

2. Take Your Time

Pisces is a water sign, and just like water, you might want to go with the flow. Hold your horses with the romance and work at becoming good friends with him first. Water signs often run at the first hint of pressure. Want to go out with him without asking for a date up front? Invite him out for a casual get-together with you and a few friends.

I’m at my new favorite pizza place. I think you’d like it. (attach a photo of pizza)

My roommates and I are going for Asian food and karaoke tomorrow night. Maybe you can join us?

Hey there! Wanna grab a coffee sometime? There’s this new place I want to check out.

You have the most creative and funny texts. Looking forward to when we can have a conversation in person.

3. Get to Know Him

Your Pisces guy is a complicated person. He has lots of opinions, passions, and interests. Use your texting skills to discover them. Don’t just collect information; try to understand him to increase your emotional connection with him. An even better strategy is to ask him a question that gets him thinking.

You said your major is art history. That’s cool! Is there a period of history that you’re fascinated with?

If you could hop on a plane now and go somewhere, where would it be and why?

What did you think of the discussion in philosophy yesterday? I’m interested in your take on the spontaneous debsate.

4. Make It About Him, Not You

While being other-oriented is suitable for any relationship, it’ll score you major points with your Pisces guy. If he reveals an interesting fact about himself, the worst thing you can do is text back with a treatise about your life. A better move is to follow up on what he texted.

We’re not saying you can’t talk about yourself. Just don’t dominate the text exchange. If you talk about yourself, be sure your next text brings the focus back to your guy.

Hey, how’s your day going? I know you had a test today, so I hope it went well.

Hey, look what I found! It’s a coneflower! Thanks to you, I now recognize it in nature. (attach a picture of a plant)

I can’t make sense of this calculus homework. Wanna come over and help me with it, Brainiac?

5. Show Your Vulnerability

A Pisces guy can be very emotionally available. He’s also capable of being emotionally open to the right person. When you text something about yourself, don’t hesitate to reveal a tender side. It’ll give him a reason to open up to you in return.

You’re from Nebraska! Reminds me of visiting my grandpa’s farm there before he passed away.

Ugh. I hate being sick. It makes me feel so isolated when I have to stay away from everybody.

You know that sunset we watched last week? It was wonderful. I really live for moments like that.

6. Flirt a Little, But Not Too Much

A little flirting with a Piscean is an excellent strategy, but don’t get too racy or vulgar. Coming on too strong might turn him off. This guy wants to fall in love rather than look for a one-night stand. If you feel like pushing the envelope, drop little hints and be subtle.

That said, don’t forget to appeal to his desire for romance and beauty. Send him a flattering picture of you with a subtle but sexy text.

You’re the biggest flirt I’ve ever met! That’s okay; I’m not complaining.

Would it be okay if I admitted that you’ve been on my mind ever since we talked yesterday?

I must confess . . . You make me blush! (attach smiling photo)

It’s a good thing you’re cute. That’s why I decided to keep you. 😉

7. Be There for Him

A Piscean’s nature tends to lean toward pessimism at times, so don’t forget to send your guy an occasional text of encouragement. When you haven’t heard from him in a while, it’s probably him, not you. He might be depressed or need some alone time. Go ahead and send him a short and sweet message to let him know you’re thinking of him. Even if he’s not yet ready to respond, he’ll probably appreciate it.

Hey, stranger. Just thinking of you. Hope you’re having a great day.

Miss hanging out. Let me know if you’re in the mood for a coffee date.

Good luck with your job interview. You’ll be fantastic no matter the outcome!

8. Keep Him in the Loop

Use your texting skills to make sure you’re the first and last thing he thinks about during the day. It doesn’t hurt to give him updates on what you’re doing every now and then, especially if you say you wish he were there with you! When you’re trying to stay on his radar, creativity will do the trick.

You really know how to make a girl miss you!

I thought of you when I walked past the sculpture you told me about last week. Your art history knowledge is impressive.

You might be in a different time zone right now, but you still occupy my thoughts.

9. Send Frequent and Lengthy Texts

Short “Hey there” texts won’t cut it. Every once in a while, you need to send your guy longer, thought-provoking messages that entice him to text you back. Here’s a chance to talk about something that shows off your smarts. Pisces guys like a girl who can challenge them and give them food for thought.

If you like sending extended texts, that’s good because you should do it often. A drawn-out message is something he’ll look forward to if he knows to expect it every so often.

10. Text Consistently

Having stressed the importance of frequency, how often you text your Piscean might not be as important as being reliable. It’s crucial to establish a texting pattern so that he knows you want a continued exchange with him. One or two texts every day is more effective than sending a lengthy one sporadically. If you are willing to keep it up long-term, you just might be the girl of his dreams!

Pisces guys are romantic, communicative, and emotionally available. Texting your guy can be fun, and it can lead to more if you’re patient. Showing genuine interest in him and texting him with consistency might help you win him over.

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