How to Text a Capricorn Guy Without Freaking Him Out!!

Attracting a Capricorn guy over text is simpler than you might think. He’s plain-spoken, ambitious, and traditional, and he much prefers straight talk to playing games. However, don’t mistakenly believe that this guy is cold and unfeeling. If you know how to text a Capricorn man, and you’ll soon see how passionate and devoted he can be.

The Capricorn Guy

As an earth sign, Capricorn is ruled by Saturn, which can sometimes be a cautious and uncertain sign. Nonetheless, earth signs are also rational and disciplined. Hence the phrase, “down to earth.” He likes a woman who shares these qualities, and he’s turned off by one who is overly superficial.

This guy is ambitious and a hard worker. His maturity often makes it difficult for others to understand him. While he might appear dull and too serious to most people, he can be quite fun and engaging with the right gal. It just might take a while for this side of him to come through. When it does, take it as a positive sign.

Capricorn is a traditional guy who values masculinity, and he usually prefers to be the chaser. That said, he can be a little slow to take the initiative, especially when texting first. Feel free to send the first text if you’ve already exchanged phone numbers.

Be Direct and Honest

It’s a bad idea to hedge or beat around the bush with a Capricorn. He does NOT like reading between the lines. Therefore, don’t use your texts to play mind games or be cunning. He’ll find it annoying and lose interest. Be assertive but not too pushy with your intentions. He’ll appreciate knowing where he stands with you.

I sense you don’t play games—me neither. So, I’ll just say that I really like you.

Wanna do dinner this week? I’d love to spend time with you.

I’d like to hang out but without our friends. Let’s make it a real date.

I have fun hanging out with you. But just know that I want to be more than friends with you.

Let Him Know You Get Him

We already know that it’s easy for some people to misjudge Capricorn. That’s why he’ll notice if you make an effort to understand him and see his point of view on some things. Use your texts to relate to and empathize with him. Before long he’ll open up to you and feel like you’re both on the same page.

Last night was so much fun! Finally, a guy who loves bluegrass as much as I do!

Thanks for that chat. You really get me.

Nobody’s perfect, but you’re perfect for me.

What a fantastic coffee conversation. I like a guy who can keep me on my toes.

Hearing you describe impressionist art this afternoon got me to appreciate it more.

Text Him about His Work

Capricorn is very dedicated and career-driven. He takes pride in his work, wants to be good at it, and hopes that you take notice. You just might win him over if you text him about his job or ask him about something he’s working on. Show support by congratulating him on any milestones or achievements.

Congrats on your promotion! I knew you had it in you.

I never knew a guy who was as dedicated to his work as you are.

If you weren’t in the job you have now, what kind of work would you want to do?

I walked past a building and thought about its design concept. I guess you’re having an influence on me.

Do you have that big report due tomorrow? I’ll stay out of your hair. I know you’ll crush it!

Give Him an Ego Boost

In addition to his work, a Capricorn guy takes pride in his smarts and talents. Text him a question that lets him showcase his expertise. Ask him for advice, and let him know later on how much it helped you because Capricorns like being right. Don’t spend much time complimenting him on his looks, which he cares much less about.

Can you help me with some calculus homework? Since you’re so good at it, I know it would help me a lot.

I told my friends about you yesterday. Well, it was more like bragging.

Hey, I finally watched that movie you told me about. You were so right. It was excellent!

Spending time with you has made me a better person.

Don’t Be Vulgar or Blatantly Sexual

Capricorn and other earth signs tend to be more traditional. Therefore, it won’t help your cause to be too sexual or suggestive in your texts. This guy does like a sexy girl, but not someone who’s too direct or dirty. When you flirt over text, keep it decent and classy.

Also, don’t expect Capricorn to engage in fantasy. He’s much more practical, and he appreciates a woman who’s clear about her feelings and what she wants. Consider arranging a romantic rendezvous and clue him in on the plans you’ve made. He’ll be impressed with the effort you’ll have put forth.

Looking forward to our romantic evening: Renaissance Hotel. Room 224. 7:00. Can’t wait.

Hey, sexy! Can’t wait to see you tonight.

I never get tired of looking at you.

I think you’re brilliant. . . and incredibly sexy!

Don’t Hurry or Hassle Him

Capricorn doesn’t like being rushed or pressured. If he doesn’t text a response right away, he’s probably busy or at work. Remember that Capricorn is a hard-working guy. Just be patient and give him his space. Wanting his time doesn’t mean you’re not entitled to it. Try the opposite strategy, which is to back off and give him a chance to miss you.

However, if you two have been texting daily, but you haven’t heard from him lately, you can send a quick message. Ask how he’s doing or if he’s okay. You’d just be showing your concern, which he’ll probably appreciate. Don’t bombard him with texts. One nudge is enough.

Hey. I miss our daily check-ins. Just making sure you’re okay.

Even when we don’t talk, you’re always on my mind.

I know you’re busy, so just let me know when you’re free for dinner this week.

Remember That He’s Not That into Texting

Old-school Capricorn isn’t tethered to his phone unless it’s for work. Don’t expect him to wait with quivering anticipation for your next text. He’s much more comfortable with calls or talking in person, especially to have more thoughtful conversations. You’ll be at an advantage if you use text as a way to make plans for face-to-face get-togethers.

Texting with you is fun, but I bet talking to you in person is better.

Congrats on your promotion! Can I treat you to lunch to celebrate?

I really don’t like texting all that much. Can we continue this over the phone?

I’d love an Italian dinner out . . . and you to share a bottle of wine with.

Be Concise

You won’t win your Capricorn over by sending long text messages. He’s not the kind of guy to see texting as a pastime, so text him what you want and be open to more phone or face-to-face conversations. Also, leave out the cutesy emojis and fluffy language.

Final Thoughts

A Capricorn guy might not appear warm and fuzzy and first. It’ll take him a while to open up, and it can seem difficult to break through that serious personality. Remember that he’s an earth sign, so it’s also important to be direct and not expect him to pick up on hints. Think about slowly building a connection, and don’t push him. While he’s figuring things out, use your texting skills to show him the real, wonderful you.

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