How to text a Cancer Guy? [Zodiac Specific Tips]

Sending sweet and sensitive texts can help you get close to the Cancer guy you’ve been crushing on. If he’s into you, this guy will enthusiastically join you in your texting repartee. If you’re not sure how to text a Cancer guy, these tips should help you get his attention and build a connection.

The Cancer Guy Lowdown

Being a water sign, Cancer is sensitive, instinctive, and emotional. This means that sending him sweet and thoughtful texts is an excellent way to warm his heart and shower him with attention. Part of Cancer’s sensitivity comes from his tendency to be very romantic, even mushy. It compels him to seek out a mate who can care for him emotionally.

The typical Cancer guy also tends to be shy, and he might second-guess your intentions if you start texting him out of the blue. If you’re accustomed to being elusive with your texting, now is the time to change your approach. If you’re up front in your texts about wanting to know him better, you’ll put him at ease and even leave him feeling more interested in you. To show more sincerity, be sure to throw in an occasional emoji so that he reads your sentiments loud and clear.

Now that you know a little more about what makes a Cancer guy tick, craft your texts using these strategies:

Boost His Confidence with a Compliment

Being shyer and more insecure than some other signs means that your Cancer guy will appreciate a text that makes him feel good about himself. You can compliment him on practically anything—his car, looks, or smarts. It won’t take much to get his attention as long as it’s sincere. Texting him compliments helps him associate you with feeling good. He’ll crave your texts and being around you more.

I totally dig that shirt you had on today. It’s a great color on you.

I hope I get to know you more. You’re the most exciting guy I’ve met in a long time.

You’re so funny! Why watch Comedy Central when I can just hang out with you? (laughing emoji)

Don’t Wait for a Reason to Text

Sometimes the best reason to send a sweet text is “just because.” That’s definitely true for a Cancer guy. Texting him out of the blue lets him know that he’s on your mind, which will reassure him of your interest. It’ll also get him to text you back and ask about your day. By the way, a great way to charm him is to send him a photo or image and say that it reminds you of him.

Thought of you this morning. Thinking of you right now. Will probably think of you again tonight.

Just checking in. How’s your day going?

Hey, I just heard your favorite song when I was streaming music this morning. It made me smile 🙂

Flirt, But Don’t Be Vulgar

Your Cancer guy loves flirty texts, but he’ll get turned off if they’re too crude or sexual. He’s definitely the passionate type, but he sees a vast difference between subtle flirting and outright seducing. Flirty texts that are cute and subtle are the way to go. After all, your guy doesn’t want a fling; he wants a girl he can take home to his momma.

Looking forward to our dinner date. I’ll wear something you’ll really like (hint, hint) 😉

Have I told you lately how good you look in your cycling shorts?

You make me feel pretty when you smile at me.

You, me, a bottle of wine . . . and some snuggles . . . sounds nice, doesn’t it?

Is it bad that I enjoy staring at you?

Remind Him of Happy Memories with You

Many of a Cancer guy’s thoughts slip back to the past. No other sign rivals Cancer for his tendency to mentally relive previous events, whether they’re good or bad. Why not leverage this characteristic by reminding him of a pleasant memory with a nostalgic text? Recall a sweet recollection you both share. He might text back with memories of his own to melt your heart.

Our talk after dinner last night meant so much to me. It felt so good to share my deepest feelings with you.

Do you think we’ll find a Christmas light display as impressive as the one we saw at the zoo last year?

I still taste that kiss from you this morning. Can’t wait to plant one on you in return.

I just started bingeing Star Trek: TNG. Remember how fun it was to watch those old episodes with Spock and Captain Kirk?

Make Him Feel Needed

Cancer’s sympathetic nature contributes to his wanting to help others, especially a girl he’s really into. Confirm your interest in him by asking for his advice or help. Making him feel needed will also communicate how important he is to you.

My dad’s birthday is next week. Have any idea what to get a man who’s hard to shop for?

Feeling kind of down and could use some company. Have time to meet at our favorite hangout?

You seem to be pretty good at accounting. Would you mind meeting for a study session? I’m having trouble with this assignment.

Keep His Sensitivity in Mind

It might seem fun to act shy or play hard to get. Some guys enjoy a little teasing and game-playing, but your Cancer guy isn’t one of them. Being coy could send your Cancer guy the wrong message. Also, he could take it personally if you wait to respond to his texts or act aloof.

If you really like this guy, just be sensitive and not play with his feelings. If you want to text him back, then text him back! Also, assume that whatever you text him, he will take it to heart.

Hey, it’s my birthday! Wanna come over and help me celebrate? BTW, please don’t worry about a present. Your attendance is more than enough gift to me!

Well, aren’t you the smarty pants! . . JK. Seriously, you’re really smart, and I’m really into that. 🙂

Wanna join me for lunch? If not, don’t worry about it. I know you’re super busy.

Stay Connected

He probably won’t tell you directly, but your Cancer guy wants to stay in contact, especially if he really likes you. Getting regular texts from you will make him covet your company even more, and the bond between you two will soon grow stronger.

Above all else, don’t blow him off! Remember that he’s sensitive. If he doesn’t hear from you in a while, he might take it the wrong way.

Texting a Cancer guy can be fun and lead to something romantic and meaningful. Remember to be sweet, to the point, and sensitive. If you boost his ego every now and then and avoid the mind games, he’ll likely return the affection. Also, if he’s really into you, you’ll certainly know it!

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