How to respond to these 4 texts from guys!

Welcome back to Text Sensei, the place where we get deep in the weeds with text culture 🙂 Today, we will look at how you can deal with a text from a guy, and tell you some of the best ways to reply.

Texting is playing a growing part in our lives and we need to become text artists in this day and age 🙂So here are some top texts men like to send and how to reply to them.

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Four Typical Texts Guys like to Send!

Text 1: The ‘Oh Crap’ Text​​​​​

You know, a lot of men are not really romantic by nature, and this can result in two things happening. Firstly, they go for a while without being obviously romantic to their partner, and secondly they realise this and felt insecure!

It really is that ‘oh crap’ moment when it suddenly dawns on a guy they need to ‘be romantic’ or ‘show some love’ after neglecting this for a period of time they think is too long and could cause relationship problems.

What do most men do when they get this feeling? They result to texting one of those cliched lines that they think will get them back in the good books. Or will cement their place as a love in your life!

Often, these texts can appear out of the blue or even out of character. So you know what the deal is when you suddenly get one of these texts from your man or a love interest!

The big question is ‘how should I respond?”

Well, the first thing to say is don’t go overboard. If the man in question doesn’t send these types of texts regularly, he was probably just having an ‘oh crap’ moment. It doesn’t mean he was obsessing over you in his thoughts, just that he remembered he needs to be more romantic 🙂 Don’t worry, this is perfectly normal for most guys!

Usually this text will be something like ‘I love you’, ‘miss you’ or ‘thinking of you’ or some other cliche ‘romantic’ line that the guy could think of. Don’t take the bait and reply back in the same manner, “Thinking of you too”. This is exactly what he is looking for.

When a man sends you a text like this out of the blue, they know they have been lazy in love and you don’t want to make it too easy for them to feel they ‘solved’ this and move on (which they most certainly will if you reply ‘love you too’).

Instead, go for a more reserved, appreciative and maybe even mildly funny response such as…..

“Arrr….what a lovely thing to say.”

“Wow, you got out of the romantic side of the bed this morning”

Follow these responses with a happy face emoticon (not the love heart ones though!!)

Mission accomplished, you have shown appreciation but not gone over board and let him off the hook too easily.

Text 2: The Sudden ‘Control Freak’

You know that a lot of men like to think they go by the ‘treat them mean keep them keen’ philosophy, or something along those lines. ‘Going off the radar’ for a while to test a woman’s attachment to them is getting rather common, but can also be highly annoying 🙂

The annoying part comes in when the man in question decides to steam roller back into your life with one of those cliched ‘love’ lines. You saw them above right? ‘Missing you’ ‘thinking of you’ etc.

What’s the problem with this, you may ask?

Well, after they have ‘kept you keen’ for a few weeks, they think they can steam roller back into a ‘lovey dovey’ (this is not a technical term) text session and all will be well.

If you text back in the way they expect ‘missing you too’ in parrot fashion they will have had their ego massaged somewhat. ‘After several weeks this woman is still keen’, they will think. I must be the ‘big cheese’ (again, not a technical term) they think.

As is the theme with a lot of replies here, don’t let them off the hook so easily 🙂

Reply with something witty and intelligent such as:

‘tell me something I don’t know’

‘you don’t say’

Follow this reply with a mischievous emoticon, such as the winky face emoticon. You won’t have massaged the guys ego too much, but your humour is still showing him you are interested. Job done!!

Text 3: That ‘hey’ text….

This one is kind of annoying, right? When a guy sends this, it means they have nothing better to do and have this ‘humour me’ attitude.

These ‘hey’ texts take very little thought, so we don’t want to reward the guy sending these with too much in return. Don’t ‘humour him’ and starting sending detailed descriptions of what you are doing or thinking 🙂

Simply return the compliment with a ‘hey’ of your own. But take any potential heat out of this reply by accompanying it with a funny emoticon. Easy, right?

Text 4: Those late night texts!

You know that sex is on a mans mind a lot in the course of a day, right? Men are often like primal creatures, and this is never more so when it gets late. Those texts out of the blue after 10pm are probably the result of a man’s natural desire to mate, and the thought that he is not mating right now and why?? ha ha!!

This is fair enough if you are in a relationship with someone, but when you get one of these texts out of the blue from someone you haven’t seen for a while, or someone that cancelled on you that day, you know that his primal instincts are taking over.

Again, don’t let this guy off the hook too easily by making him feel like the ‘big dog’ in this text conversation. Instead, use humour to highlight what this text really is….a late night booty call!!

Reply with something like….

“got over your non-committal phase then have you?”

“Date number 2 not returning your calls?”

“Gotten over your flakey moment?”

Again, always follow these texts with a fun and quirky emoticon to make the guy realise you are not being serious. But a reply like this will make him realise he can’t be a ‘flake’ with you and it go un-noticed. You then find out how serious he really is about you!!

When should you respond?

It’s all well and good thinking about how to reply to a man’s texts, but the other big question is when? I am sure you have heard people talking about ‘keeping them keen’ by not replying straight away and such like!

However, these mind games have been proven over time to not work. By using such tactics you are simply over complicating something that should be pretty simple!

Just use common sense, don’t reply literally the second he has stopped typing but don’t keep him waiting too long or he will probably lose interest. A text conversation only stays ‘hot’ for a few hours, so try to keep your replies within that time frame. Other than that, just act natural 🙂

I hope you enjoyed this article from the Text Sensei. If you have any of your own experiences we would love to hear all about them in the comments section below.

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